Word of God is that both Jeeves and Wooster arcs have used the

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Dark Skinned Blond: Timothy and Integra. Word of God is that both Jeeves and Wooster arcs have used the same palette. Ditto for the flashback involving Pip’s grandparents, which takes place in the same era. Deus ex Machina: Alucard calls the Incredibly Awesome Plane this. Integra denies it is one. Also, this strip. Well played, Anderson, well played. Unsettling Gender Reveal: Well, to be fair, Alucard is very convincing as Girlycard, and Bertie is not very bright. And also, technically, pulled this on Maggie. Distant Finale: The final storyline, like the final chapter of Hellsing, takes place years after the final battle, and expands upon the future hinted at in earlier Flash Forward storylines. Fan Fic: In spite of being essentially fic itself, the series has spawned some of its own. Fun with Acronyms: Marian Amethyst Raven Yumi Sappho Urania Elizabeth. Good Adultery, Bad Adultery: Erin hinted in this picture that Arthur might have been the result of an affair between Mina and Abraham. Good Angel, Bad Angel: Integra and Timothy. Partially subverted in that Integra’s angel and devil appeared in full size versions during the visit to Hell storyline. And now Enrico has Bad Angel and Delirium, who filled in for Enrico’s good angel while he was lost in her domain. This, natually, is taking place when Enrico goes batshit insane with power. Guest Strip: Used as filler to keep up the update schedule, with the side effect that any Series Hiatus is limited by the number of strips the readership can be coerced to send in. Has Two Mommies: Turns out D just thinks Alucard is his father; he’s actually Integra and Seras’s child, and no, neither of them will say how. Hermaphrodite Intersex: Heinkel. A number of strips describe how Heinkel struggled to find a gender identity. Millennium has his daughter, Maggie. Instrument of Murder: In a flashback arc, after Jeeves refused to teach Walter a complicated technique with their weapon of choice, monofilament, Walter nicks the piano wires from Bertie’s piano to practice on his own, and later uses it to hold back a vampire while the others escaped. How the Grinch Cancelled Christmas: The 2004 Christmas storyline.

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Celine Outlet As it turned out, it was a lot easier to get up that Travellator at the beginning than at the end. Scary Black Man: How the show initially tried to portray Gemini. Titan was a real one, apparently. According to Nitro, Titan actually chased the https://www.smilehandbag.com ref into the stands in a fit after one too many personal fouls. Special Guest: A few movie and TV actors showed up as Replica Celine Bags contestants. Dean Cain, at the height of his popularity as Superman in Lois Clark, specifically participated because he was a college football player and wanted to show off (and he did extremely well, scaling the Wall in record time amidst all the jokes that he really couldn’t fly) Celine Outlet.

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