Which brings me back to my original point

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delfnee 2 points submitted 6 days ago

a lot of peoples here are pointing that if the grid energy comes from coal/oil then it pointless to go canada goose outlet canada electric but even if none of the grid was renewable, Canada Goose sale canada goose outlet using electric vehicles allows much better regenerative braking thus still making canada goose outlet sale less energy hungry cars. hybrids are currently providing the best of both world with increased range good regenerative energy.

we might see a lot of electric hybrid gas/hydrogen/oil quite soon uk canada goose outlet just for the energy savings it can provide and for hydrogen because it can use wind/solar peaks/energy surplus Canada Goose Jackets to make hydrogen.

ovirt001 2 points submitted 19 days uk canada goose ago

Small and modular is the canada goose factory outlet only way to canada goose uk shop make fission viable. The day canada goose outlet store you canada goose outlet uk sale can crank out self contained nuclear reactors in canada goose outlet black friday a factory is canada goose outlet online uk the day it can be mass deployed. We could pull canada goose outlet nyc this off relatively easily using Thorium but it would reduce the ability to build nuclear weapons canada goose clearance in stealth (which is why governments have refused to put much money in it).

«The fact is and I don want canada buy canada goose jacket goose Canada Goose online outlet reviews my message to be misconstrued in this part I don Canada Goose Online think we building any more nuclear plants in the United States. «I not arguing for the canada goose outlet uk construction of new nuclear plants. They are buy canada goose jacket cheap goose outlet canada too expensive to construct, relative to the canada goose store world in which we now live.»

«Das canada goose outlet toronto factory menschliche Gehirn nimmt ab etwa 14 bis 16 Bildern pro Sekunde canada goose (individuell verschieden) aufeinanderfolgende Bilder als bewegte (aber nicht unbedingt ruckelfreie) Szene wahr, weswegen die Bildfrequenz in der Anfangszeit der bewegten canada goose outlet store uk Bilder (Stummfilmzeit), nach einer experimentellen Phase, auf 16 Bilder pro Sekunde festgelegt wurde. Auf https://www.canadagoosetomall.com dem zweiten internationalen Kongress der Filmhersteller von Paris 1909 wurden 1000 Bilder in der Minute festgelegt, was in canada goose clearance sale etwa 16 17 Bilder pro Sekunde entspricht. Viele spte Stummfilme wurden jedoch mit hheren Bildfrequenzen, canada goose black friday sale wie z. B. 22 Bildern pro Sekunde, aufgenommen. Mit der Einfhrung des Tonfilms wurde die Bildfrequenz auf 24 Hz festgelegt.» canada goose uk black friday 2 points canada goose black friday sale submitted 23 days ago

If that true than something is Canada Goose Parka wrong with the market in Finland, because wind power has become profitable without subsidies in many European countries over the last couple of years.

And a wind farm that received subsidies for a while should be even more profitable, because it already canada goose uk outlet written off in the books when subsidies end and from that canada goose factory sale point on it canada goose outlet parka almost free profits. Stopping maintenance for something that generates free income doesn make any sense. 1 point submitted 23 days ago

Compared to the potential official canada goose outlet profits from an already written off wind turbine these expenses are tiny. The main costs of wind are building and installation costs.

And it not always windy anywhere in the world, it doesn need canada goose jacket outlet to be. canada goose outlet shop Again, based on the numbers Finlands canada goose outlet jackets seems about as windy as Germany on average, and Germany produced almost a quarter of its electricity needs last year using wind power.

It would be even more if people wouldn protest wind farms cheap canada goose uk close to their homes, which is a big cheap Canada Goose Black Friday Canada Goose sale problem especially in the southern parts of Germany. Which brings me back to my original point, given the low population density in Finland Canada Goose Coats On Sale this shouldn be a problem and should actually allow for even lower installation costs in Finland than in Germany.

linknewtab 1 point submitted 1 month ago

Ganz interessante Reportage canada goose outlet in usa ber ein deutsches Startup canada goose coats on sale Unternehmen das afrikanische Drfer mit Solarstrom versorgen mchte. Anders als bei canadian goose jacket der klassischen Entwicklungshilfe wollen sie damit aber Geld verdienen. (Auch wenn sie vermutlich zufrieden wren auf eine schwarze Null zu kommen.)

Jedenfalls knnte dieser Ansatz dafr sorgen dass man sich auch wirklich langfristig darum kmmert statt es einfach verfallen zu lassen wie viele staatliche Projekte.

iNstein 1 point submitted canada goose outlet new york city 1 month ago

You need to look into Tesla production automation. It is light years ahead of the competition. They are Canada Goose Outlet ironing out the issues now but once done, they will be able to produce large numbers of cars at their factory. The canada goose outlet online real exciting stuff is that they can then replicate that quickly and easily to dozens of factories to have massive amounts of cars produced. The best part is that they produce the cars canada goose coats a lot cheaper than any other factory so they can out produce and undercut the entire market. It will take a few more years but they can pull it off.

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