??? This kind of reminds canada goose outlet niagara falls me

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Don’t Use Profanity In Marlborough

Canada Goose Outlet Profanity in Marlborough, MA could cost you. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket Did you hear the word? A town in MA called Marlborough decided to pass a law punishing people for the use of profanity in public! Basically they are canada goose outlet legit saying if found guilty a person could canada goose outlet in usa be fined $20.00 canada goose outlet toronto location for the canada goose outlet real use of a «swear word». That to me is canada goose outlet edmonton just horse crap! I mean who is to canada goose outlet store montreal decide canada goose shop uk what actually is a «swear word». The English dictionary defines «swear word» to be a noun an offensive word, canada goose stockists uk used canada goose outlet online reviews especially as a expression of anger. Holy crap, canada goose sale uk that’s pretty vague! So is crap a «swear word», would ass be considered a swear word. If so one could argue the point canadagooseoutlete of a double canada goose outlet germany meaning. A derogatory slang word canada goose outlet los angeles for anus or another word for a donkey. I mean really though waht is the world coming canada goose outlet toronto address to? buy canada goose jacket

canada goose factory sale Imagine canada goose womens outlet walking down the streets canada goose outlet vip of Marlborough having a somewhat quiet conversation with a friend of yours and someone over hears you say canada goose factory outlet toronto location F%. Or better yet mistakens the word truck for that word. WHOOP WHOOP, This is the Swear Police place your hands against the wall and spread em. You have been issued one violation canada goose outlet shop of the swear law and are here goose outlet canada by ordered to report to the courts canada goose outlet uk sale by this date or pay the fine above. That is ridiculous! What the.??? This kind of reminds canada goose outlet niagara falls me of the movie with Sylvester Stallone in canada goose outlet location Demalition Man. How about when you get cut off while driving and you can’t help but to give the guy a hand gesture followed by a comment calling him an canada goose outlet store uk anal aperature. This will happen canada goose outlet sale by the way especially in New England, we are the worst non using blinker buttholes on the Planet. What happens if someone has Tourette syndrome and accidently started to blurt canada goose outlet toronto out a rash of swear words? One canada goose outlet boston could really go broke canada goose parka outlet uk after that episode? Don’t swear while your making love to your signifigant other the neighbors might hear you!! Could you imagine the comedian Andrew Dice Clay coming to town for canada goose jacket outlet uk a show. Holy canada goose outlet eu man, he’d be broke by the end of his skit!! canada goose factory sale

canada goose store I mean canada goose outlet new york city people should have canada goose outlet the common descency to hold their tongue especially in public its rude, and unprofessional. canada goose outlet online store review I have children so I can see where people are going with this, but how bad canada goose outlet mall is the swearing problem in MA that they had to come up with this law? It seems like a big waste of time to me, or is it a tactic to create more revenue? Doesn’t canada goose outlet uk the Justice System have bigger issues to address in the state of MA or the town of Marlborough? canada goose outlet 80 off Like catching real criminals burglars, bank canada goose kensington parka uk robbers, and such. If law makers spent more time creating bills to increase canada goose outlet las vegas revenue canada goose outlet winnipeg in different ways like the legalization of Marijuana, canada goose discount uk maybe these towns and states wouldn’t be so broke. They would create far more revenue by legalizing it and taxing it than trying to fine the public for illegal use of profanity. That’s a whole canada goose jacket outlet store new post on its own. But no instead lets punish people for swearing in public. Great idea Marlborough, more rediculous canada goose vest outlet laws! canada goose store

canada goose The point is that the country is going to shit and every minute its becomming less and less a Free Country to live in. Sorry about that swear back there, but I thankfully do not live in Marlborough, MA and for the poloticians that do my apologies if I offended you. Sorry if my first canada goose outlet belgium article was more a Rant and Rave post, just wanted to write about it. Have a great Father’s Day weekend canada goose.

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