This is the case if essential information is omitted or is

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What legal thing would you ban if you could

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moncler jackets Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, please check the original text before you make any claims or anything like that, since this translation and/or any legal information and/or advise in this comment may not be correct. And I uk moncler outlet know it contains grammar errors, it legal dutch, not normal dutch, so kinda hard to translate moncler jackets

moncler outlet canada This way of advertising is unlawful, because cheap moncler jackets womens a handelspraktijk [basically the practice of selling and/or buying something and/or doing business in a certain way] is deceiving (and thus unfair), if it contains a misleading omission. This is the case if essential information is omitted or is mentioned in an unclear or ambiguous way. the civil code] the following is always essential information: «de prijs, inclusief belastingen, of, als het om een product gaat waarvan de prijs redelijkerwijs niet vooraf kan worden berekend, de manier waarop de prijs wordt berekend []» moncler outlet canada

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moncler jacket outlet The law is crystal clear, the full price has to be stated, unless the seller can know best moncler jackets the full price beforehand. [] moncler jacket outlet.

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