This canada goose outlet new york city person is a sick

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dollyfox 1 point submitted 17 days ago

It the start of my birthday weekend since my canada goose outlet in usa birthday is on Sunday (frankly my birthday is always a 3 5 day fuck around fest because of the holiday lol) I be doing my grandmother bi weekly shopping in the morning, at which point I will buy myself a mango for my lunch/snack. Break my current fast at 4:20 PM, then my partner will be taking me to my favorite restaurant for dinner. Thrn? More toking and maybe a movie. buy canada goose jacket It be a great day. Happy holidays frients!!

Put it in the freezer for anywhere between 15 minutes to canada goose factory outlet an hour (I go for the hour). Then whack it a few times on a surface edge (table, counter, sometimes I use the freezer itself.) That will knock loose a LOT of canada goose black friday sale kief. You can do this a second uk canada goose outlet time to see canada goose outlet parka if anymore comes out but you will get Canada Goose Parka the bulk in the first go. buy canada goose jacket cheap Set your kief aside for whatever you wish. After that, you do what everyone else is telling you and canada goose outlet online wash canada goose uk black friday it. canada goose clearance Hot soapy water soak, then use a small brush (like a toothbrush) to scrub each chamber. Rinse well and allow to canadian goose jacket air dry.

dollyfox canada goose outlet toronto factory 1 point submitted 1 month ago

Late to the party but when am I ever going to official canada goose outlet be able to tell this story in civilized conversation? Spoiler alert: never.

Our apartment started to develop a nasty odor one day out of the blue. We cleaned up canada goose outlet uk and down, looked everywhere, couldn figure it out. My partner even got canada goose outlet store uk brave Canada Goose Outlet and smelled my puss puss to make sure I wasn the source.

One day it canada goose outlet reviews was cold before work so I took a jacket off our hooks next to our door and saw it Canada Goose Coats On Sale was hanging over a small black plastic bag. Instead of LOOKING IN THE BAG like a normal person, I reached my canada goose uk outlet hand inside and touched the source of the smell; rotten chicken, crawling with maggots.

dollyfox 7 points canada goose store submitted 2 canada goose outlet months ago

Obviously cheap canada goose uk pregnancy is the most pressing canada goose uk shop concern canada goose but if he sabotaged the condom in any canada goose sale way you at risk for STD and STI as well. Plain and simple, you need to go get tested. Right now. canada goose clearance sale Also canada goose outlet sale depending on how far out the sex was, you can be given Plan B. You might also be able to talk to someone at the clinic about if you are able to press charges for this (seeing as you have a confession from him) and they know way more about the legalities surrounding it than someone on the internet does. And if they don they can get you in touch with someone that does.

I am so, so sorry he did this to you. This canada goose outlet new york city person is a sick, twisted individual. Don doubt your intelligence because you got yourself in a shit situation. Who among us hasn ever ignored canada goose outlet online uk a red flag? The important thing is to take care canada goose uk canada goose outlet shop of your sexual and mental health and file this away as a lesson Canada Goose Jackets learned. I hope it won be a hard lesson.

dollyfox 2 points submitted 4 cheap Canada Goose months ago

After being emotionally, canada goose outlet canada verbally, financially, and sexually canada goose jacket outlet abusive, he made the turn to Canada Goose online being physically abusive once we moved out Canada Goose sale of his mommy house. I thought he was canada goose coats on sale going to hit me during a fight and he promised me he would never hurt canada goose outlet uk sale me. Two days later he canada goose outlet nyc backed me into a closet, pulled on my arm so hard he left a nickel sized bruise, and when I told him to leave, he punched the door frame of the closet, which was 6 inches from my face. The dent he left in it was at my eye canada goose coats level. canada goose factory sale This all happened within a week of us moving into our new place.

dollyfox 2 points submitted 4 months ago

My ex used to use «the thief is the canada goose outlet black friday one always goose canada goose black friday sale outlet canada afraid of being robbed» to deflect me when I had an issue with the way he treated me. I not even 100% sure what it supposed to mean, I just know I only ever heard thieves use it.

I also take issue with the Bible verse «the wicked run when nobody is chasing them». What if I being treated like shit and I leave? That makes ME the bad guy? I just supposed to accept being abused and disrespected forever canada goose outlet store in order to be considered «righteous» and «good»? Nah, I don think so.

dollyfox 3 points submitted 7 months ago

After all the issues socially and emotionally I had as a child got worse in adulthood, my mom canada goose outlet jackets was Canada Goose Online talking to her therapist about it and she suggested I might have Aspergers or High Functioning Autism. Did my research and it was like wearing a form fitting dress for the first time after only have clothes too tight or too baggy. I was diagnosed with HFA a little over 3 years ago.

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