Then in front of her, the patient, the patient children, and

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WildWook 930 points submitted 8 days ago

I don know why more people canada goose outlet black friday can canada goose store see this. If Trump does something Canada Goose sale objectively good, (Like dealing with NK) it should be something canada goose outlet reviews you can admit, even if you hate everything about him as a person. I not a Trump supporter, but when I voice my opinion on the good/decent things he accomplished, people erupt into this firestorm of insults and attacks.

Truth be goose canadian goose jacket outlet canada told, I think he going to get a 2nd term. And it not because he a great president, or even a great person. It canada goose uk shop canada goose outlet sale because canada goose outlet uk sale the canada goose left spends all it time calling everyone who disagrees with them a racist/nazi pure evil canada goose outlet cheap canada goose uk parka canada goose factory sale low life. This sort canada goose outlet store uk of behavior doesn win voters, it doesn bring people canada goose outlet online to your side, all it does is alienate canada goose black friday sale Canada Goose Jackets them. And the democrats would be wise to try and make friends with people on canada goose clearance sale the fence of canada goose outlet party affiliation.

premeddit 259 points submitted 9 days ago

Most nursing students are very canada goose black friday sale nice, collegial people. But there are a few that are absolute assholes. The type that use their long coat as a «point of pride» to elevate themselves up above Canada Goose Parka med students.

Story time: During buy canada goose jacket MS3 I rotated with a team including a nursing student (I call her Anna). From day 1 she wore her long white coat in buy canada goose jacket cheap the hospital, and fully exploited the fact that it made us look different. She would refer to herself as «medical provider in canada goose coats on sale training» and me as «med stud» or something along those lines in front of other people. One day rounds we were getting coffee and a patient father stopped to ask for directions. canada Canada Goose Online goose outlet uk He looked at me first and before canada goose uk black friday I could respond Anna stepped in and said «Oh, he just a med stud, he doesn know, doctors sit in their cubicle canada goose coats all day. Nurses actually have canada goose outlet nyc to get around the hospital.» And gave him directions. Then she joked «In the future, long white coat points at her coat means the person knows their stuff and can help you quickly».

She would employ canada goose uk outlet this kind of petty, belittling behavior all the time. After 3 weeks I finally had enough.

That day the resident had canada goose outlet new york city sent both of uk canada goose outlet us up to the wards to discuss a treatment plan with uk canada goose a patient. Before I could speak to canada goose outlet in usa the woman, Anna once again interrupted me and began stumbling over the plan she clearly had no idea about. I was so fucking done. Canada Goose Outlet I stepped up to the bed, cleared my throat so loud that Anna stopped talking. Then in front of her, the patient, the patient children, and the social worker. Please do not save, print, cut, copy or paste anything while a test is active» 82 points submitted 8 days ago

I actually got some really good advice on this, and I gotten lots of great advice on this subreddit so figured this would be a good chance to pay it forward! So one of my canada Canada Goose online goose outlet canada good canada goose outlet toronto factory buddies matched somewhere WAY out of his league. I don want to out him but the canada goose outlet jackets Canada Goose Coats On Sale program rhymes with Schmarvard. He had like 240 Step 1, pretty average canada goose clearance M3 grades, but canada goose jacket outlet was really personable, and everyone freaking official canada goose outlet loved canada goose canada goose parks outlet shop him, and every attending would remember working with him even a year later. Anyways, he said that the cheap Canada Goose hobbies section was a pretty canada goose factory outlet good place to make your application stand out, and you canada goose outlet online uk want something that is truthful, but will catch the PD eye, as it is something that can be brought up in interviews and talked about canada goose outlet store.

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