The legislature has the votes for it but our (awful) Governor

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New Jersey arrests more people for weed than almost any other state

I buy canada goose jacket cheap don smoke canada goose outlet black friday and have no desire to, but I all for legalization. I originally from CT where the state is currently in crisis mode trying to recoup canada goose store something like 5 billion dollars. If they would just legalize the sale canada goose jacket outlet of Canada Goose Outlet marijuana and tax the shit out of it they be in the black within a few years garuunteed. Instead they eliminating metro north service to certain areas and implementing tolls and higher gas taxes. NY should do the same canada goose canada goose clearance sale outlet in usa and throw all that revenue into updating the crumbling canada goose outlet Canada Goose Jackets uk sale infrastructure. The legislature has the votes for it but our (awful) Governor keeps canada goose saying he will veto it if it gets to his desk so no one has had the will to burn political capital to get it through as of yet.If you look at what Malloy agenda it has canada goose outlet online uk been solely about reforming the state liquor laws in ways that benefit distributors, importers, and big box stores like Total goose outlet canada Wine. canada goose outlet canada Each with their canada goose outlet reviews own police department canada goose black friday sale Canada Goose online with a ratio of officers:citizens that canada goose outlet would seem absurd in other states. My town has 88 officers for 50,000 people. The neighboring towns are all between 70 100 cops for between 50 60k people. This doesn include state canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale factory canada goose coats on sale outlet police or county sheriffs.Compared to Virginia where my brother canada goose outlet new york city is a sheriff Canada Goose Online deputy and they have 24 officers spread across an entire county with a population of 50,000.In addition to having a ton of cops, canada goose outlet shop the area canada goose outlet nyc Canada Goose sale is relatively affluent. Houses buy canada goose jacket start in the «low 300s» we aren the wealthiest part of the state most of the people here are self employed in the trades or commute to the city about 40 minutes away.This gives the cops pretty much nothing to do but harass our kids. Whether it speeding, or weed. Occasionally they canada goose black friday sale get a heroin bust and maybe once every 5 10 years there a murder in official canada goose outlet one of canada goose uk shop the towns, but the bigger stuff is usually done by State and County law enforcement since they have canada goose outlet parka all the labs canada goose outlet toronto factory anyway.I think the contraction will be forced over the next decade, based on two major changes: Legalization of pot (likely this year) for the reasons you already listed Mass adoption of Canada Goose Parka self driving cars. What percentage of NJ cops are traffic cops? I have searched for (to no avail) stats on how many cheap canada goose uk and uk canada goose what portion of cheap Canada Goose the job is devoted to traffic enforcement with no luck, but just from my canada goose uk outlet own experience it is quite a lot. Also a significant revenue generator in many towns. Once most people are using SDCs, there will be virtually no traffic Canada Goose Black Friday tickets. Of course the timeline is debatable, but when it happens it will be a massive hit to both work time and revenue.So at uk canada goose outlet that point, they either have to significantly reduce staff numbers, or create enough utility to justify their current numbers. So what did she do? She set me up to go pick her up two ounces of weed so I would canada goose outlet store uk have that magic felony amount when canada goose clearance the search warrant was executed. So I pull in the driveway to my moms house, in my moms car weed just sitting canada goose coats in a bag in the back seat, then right when Im in my driveway I see the undercover cars roll up and a swat team is about to use a battering canada goose outlet jackets ram to smash my moms front canada goose outlet online door down. Before they do I say really loud, «Wow You Guys Do All This For Weed?» and the guy who was about to smash the front door down kinda looked me in the eye then put down the canada goose factory sale battering ram and just opened the front door instead.I have been arrested for literally a spec of weed dust canadian goose jacket on my pants when I was 17. The charge is «under 50 grams.» It a fucking racket. I have also had cops tackle me canada goose uk black friday to the ground for smoking a «roll your own tobacco cigarette,» with no indication that it was pot.I have also been searched due to «smell» 8 times. The amount of times I have been forced to sit on a curb in the dead of winter without being allowed to wear canada goose outlet store my coat because it «dangerous» for canada goose outlet uk the officers, is disgusting. I lucky to not have died of pneumonia. But they gave it to me multiple times.They at the very least need to eliminate «smell» as probable cause. You can videotape, audio record, or write down a smell, so it basically gives a cop free reign to fuck with you for fun.And its not like the police will lose money if its legalized, they can still arrest dealers who dont comply with the law. The sellers still have to comply with law, just like sellers of other smoking products canada goose outlet sale.

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