Single storey structures went completely under water

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So, I have way too much in my chest in breezehome and it takes 40+ sec to loot anything because I hoarded and collected full sets of armor and one of each armor with its own magical property, but that also backfired because now it takes 40 sec to take anything from the chest on my switch, so would it allow me to load faster if I had the game load from the micro sd and not the internal flash storage as it needs to load and modify the save and game files from the same storage? Cause I am also in the middle of clearing out that storage and probably will only keep the unique stuff only instead, but I need a way faster than 40 sec per itemTake stuff out of the chest in breezehome and put it somewhere else. Better yet, sell it. On a console there isn’t anything you can do to fix this issue.

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