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She’s now open from 8am to 6pm, instead of the previous 9 to 6.This means more staff, more hot meals and paperwork which the Government’s not taken into account, she said.Cost of childcare rising 7 TIMES faster than wages and single parents are the worst hitShe’s considered two ways to recoup some of the money back.»I’ve had to put the hourly rates up for parents that want more than 30 hours,» she said.»I also considered charging parents for meals and snacks but their response was largely ‘we’ll take our custom elsewhere'».Parents paying the price for 30 hours ‘free’ childcare after nurseries inflate costs elsewhere to manage demandCombined, she said, it’s no surprise that workers are losing faith in the sector and facing health concerns because of it.»Workers are unpaid, overworked and are constantly facing more pressure,» Elly explained.Far from the only person sufferingA quarter of those surveyed have also taken time off work as a result of work related stress or mental health issues.The main sources of stress cited by respondents were high workloads, financial pressures stemming from a lack of adequate government funding, and low pay.»Working in early years used to be all about the children. Now it is all about the paperwork and constant changes to legislation. There just aren’t enough hours in the day and not enough money in the pot to pay people what they deserve for the job they do,» a comment said.More than half of UK adults suffer mental health issues because of money the warning signs to watch out forSince completing the survey, 5% of key workers have left the childcare sector, citing pressures and pay for their reasons to quit.The Alliance is now calling on the Department of Education and Ofsted to conduct a review into early years’ workloads to address areas of excessive or unnecessary paperwork and administration.It said failing to address the problems could lead to even fewer workers, which will, in turn, affect the Government’s ability to deliver 30 hours’ free childcare altogether..

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