Pick a trio to sampleand then rank them on a scorecard

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Dragonlord MP cost is basically his balancing factor for lack of ramp up and singular hit. Emperor FFB hits a max potency of 25x, double casted for 50x before imperils (which gets muddy if DLord is finishing for a Fire Imperil chainer like Hyoh or Raegen), while DLord gets 30x out of the gate and 4x passive boost (5x from CD not big for OTKO).Emperor has a massive advantage in terms of ceiling, but has to build up, as does Sakura (Caps at 16.5x per Quick Thunder at 7). The one other note is they require more precise timing since unlike DLord, they spread over more casts to fit into one chain: I think the only chains long enough to fit full Penta cast Sakura are Luneth CD and some Triple casts like AkstarReally? That crazy! Still t wasn a bad game from what I played.

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