Once again, it was the church that saved me

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If you’re sick would you appreciate it if a friend would come by to see how you are doing

I had open heart surgery (twice) and the obvious answer here is yes. The thing that Canada Goose Outlet most people don know about being seriously sick is Canada Goose Online how boring it can be.The top comment here says to bring canada goose uk outlet flowers etc., I don think that too important (you often to sick to eat and to miserable to care about flowers, or at least I was); much more important is being able to give a sense of normality to the person treat them they way you did when you they were healthy. Make fun of them, don let them away with feeling (too) sorry for themselves. NEVER ask them if they have news (nothing happens in their life), instead bring news.Balanced against this, is the ability Canada Goose online to listen. This, in my experience, is a rare talent for even the most well meaning person. For people who are gravely ill, don try to empathise (unless you have had an experience on a similar scale), instead you can sympathise. In order words, instead of trying to claim you know what it like to re inflate uk canada goose your lungs, you could just buy canada goose jacket say something like that sounds fucking awfulThat kind of sympathy is often lacking, because medical professionals are canada goose store relatively used to these kinds of harrowing experiences (the best nurses are often the most brutal!), so it can be really nice to hear a person confirm how canadian goose jacket remarkably shit and horrible canada goose uk black friday your experience is.Calling first is not a bad idea, but it up to you to be proactive. Being sick is exhausting and depressing, so I was never motivated to actively seek out visitors (and to be honest, often wasn delighted about the prospect of coming), but every single time I had someone visit I felt more normal, less trapped in myself and more optimistic.Lastly, I just say, almost three years on, I remember exactly who did and did not visit cheap canada goose uk me and how important those who made the time for me were. I had 3 times now where I been home on bed rest. The first surgery, I just Canada Goose Coats On Sale went home. My surgery(colon,) was two days after Xmas and my kids were here, but they all left before I got out of the hospital. I had a very specific diet to Canada Goose Parka follow and when I got home I found that my kids canada goose clearance had eaten everything in my fridge and cupboards! I went several days living on canned fruit Canada Goose sale and then had to ask a neighbor to do a grocery store run. Very embarassingNext time was a foot surgery. I canada goose black friday sale felt great, as long as I didn try to stand up for more than a week. For that experience, I contacted my church and they arranged more than a week of canada goose coats meals and friends checking on me. One thing I remember Canada Goose Jackets about that experience is this: If a person can get out of bed, don stand at the door and wonder why they aren politely opening canada goose it for you!!!The last one was coming down with pneumonia and nearly passing away at home alone. Once again, it was the church that saved me. Food and med runs, rides to the hospital, angels who swept my floor and washed the dishes.If you really want to be a friend, send over a big pot of healthy soup!Depends on the disease, the person and the timing. I go with my instincts. I have a friend recently diagnosed with cancer and sometimes she canada goose factory sale likes the support and sometimes she just wants to cheap Canada Goose be left alone. I try to imagine their emotional state at the time you want to come. For example, did they https://www.canadagooseoutletmall.com just visit the doctor to evaluate their progress and receive negative news? Then I leave contact to SOs and family only. I also consider their physical state itself. For many, the process of meeting with people is exhausting rather than energizing. If you canada goose uk shop just got a round of chemo two days ago you probably not going to want 10 friends piling in the house to wish you well.If it someone whose home you never been to before, probably uk canada goose outlet not. In this case you may not be very close and unless they seriously injured, or sick for over a week, they probably not up for entertaining new company.If it a closer friend then yes, after making contact, and bring them something helpful such as food.If it a type friend then contact them, and if they don seem too interested, perhaps leave them some goodies in their mailbox.As to whether someone would want a friend to drop by canada goose clearance sale at all, well, that why you ask first. Some would, some wouldn particularly depending on how sick they are. Some wouldn but would still buy canada goose jacket cheap really appreciate that you thought of them. Some canada goose coats on sale would and might like the chance to ask you to pick something up for them.

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