Investors are less likely to think SpaceX is a crazy endeavor

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Tesla shares fall after British diver mulls legal action over Elon Musk’s baseless ‘pedo guy’ claim

That what really apalling to me about Elon Musk; he just argues with people on Twitter like a regular person. I go through it regularily to see if he posts anything updates about SpaceX, canada goose outlet store quebec and I see all these canada goose outlet black friday random , rather cringy comments about his canada goose victoria parka outlet quirky political/economical beliefs. If you ever see a presentation he gives on SpaceX, Tesla, Boring Company, etc. navigate to this website , he actually rather poor at public speaking; he just goes up there and talks about what he doing, stuttering a little, but he very good at explaining things when he talks informally.When I saw this recent «pedo guy» exchange, I actually thought it was hilarious. The diver basically says «The submarine would clearly have never worked, given Musk lack of understanding of the cave layout, it clear that this was an attempt at PR. Musk can shove his submarine where it hurts.»After the guy basically tells him to shove the submarine up his ass, Elon Musk says something like «Oh yeah? Maybe I canada goose outlet vip bring it to the cave and prove it works» and calls him a pedo canada goose outlet in montreal as an insult, probably related to some canada goose outlet toronto address stereotypes in Thailand about weird sexual practices.If it were an exchange between two regular people on twitter, most people would probably just go «ah canada goose parka uk that Elon guy a dick, probably drunk» and keep scrolling. Tesla canada goose outlet ottawa and SpaceX have good products and interesting technology, but they also depend a lot on people believing that they are part of Musk legendary mission to save the planet and make interplanetary travel possible. Who wouldn be part of that? A lot of people would pay a little extra for a Tesla if they believe canada goose outlet vancouver in it. Investors are less likely to think SpaceX is a crazy endeavor that will ever be financially viable if they believe canada goose outlet black friday sale in it. Laying railway is expensive, just the BOM cost for laying hyperloop renders it nigh impossible. Is canada goose outlet store uk there some critical need that hyperloop fulfills? It doesn work for bulk transit, and it isn needed for small scale local mass transit. It doesn make sense at all for private use. I guessing the bad PR freaked out Musk because of how much his companies rely on good PR for people to invest in his companies. He tried to fix it by building a fancy submarine to rescue those young boys in Thailand to get good canada goose outlet ontario PR again, and just fucked it up even further.You reap what you sow. The sub him canada goose outlet toronto factory and his team probably hasnt slept in days for and travelled across the world for jst as a backup plan if rains increased/pumps failed. By a guy thats not thai and not a diver and he hasnt met personally when he was shown the site and discussed the plans with the ppl involved there. On CNN told him to shove it up his ass. Wait maybe just one big one. How much of that bag is left anyway? Jeez we went through that fast. Maybe she should call her guy before he asleep.Wait maybe I should tweet something awesome first.»Yeah, most people don’t know this, but comets r mostly made of cocaine.»Haha holy shit Grimes will love this one. snffffffffft hey Grimes check out what I just posted. Oh, and canada goose outlet online uk what your coke guy number agaain? canada goose outlet kokemuksia snffffffftWhat do you mean they said my sub goose outlet canada wouldn work? WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT? snfffffffft That fucking asshole he probably a fucking pedophile look at him for sure he is. snfffffffft Grimes did that guy text back yet? snfffff I going to tell everyone that guys a fucking pedo that doesn know shit. Wait hold up. snfffffffftYou think this is the case but read any rock star tell all you like and «scoring» drugs is a canada goose parka outlet constant theme and challenge. When you fueling entire house parties and going through canada goose jacket outlet store amounts that would clean out any dealer whole stock instantly it tough to find guys selling «retail canada goose outlet niagara falls kilos.» And the type of canada goose factory outlet toronto location guys selling commercial kilos do you really want to those guys to have leverage on you? Do you want some cartel heavy coming to your house.

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