I love that the speaker gets me away from my phone

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Canada Goose sale canada goose jackets outlet Following the Trail of Online Ads

canada goose How do New York Times journalists use technology in their canada goose clearance jobs and in their personal lives? Sapna Maheshwari, a reporter who covers advertising for The Times, discussed the tech she’s using.

canada goose deals What tech tools do you use to monitor what advertisers are doing with our data uk canada goose outlet on websites, apps Canada Goose Parka and gadgets?

Digital advertising can be tough to track because so much of it is automated and personalized. But I Canada Goose Outlet use Ghostery, a browser extension that shows you the data collection tools that companies are using to track your buy canada goose jacket activity on any given canada goose uk outlet site, along with the option to block them. Often, these companies are building robust pictures of your habits, sometimes across devices, which can ultimately be used to sell ads.

I’ve also used services like Moat Pro and Pathmatics, which monitor online ads and can give you some insight into what pitches brands are running and where. (That was particularly helpful with some of the advertiser boycotts we saw last year on sites like Breitbart.) I also keep tabs on some Facebook and Reddit groups that talk about marketing and scams.

Canada Goose online The online tools that have helped Ms. Maybe in the future?

How has tech changed advertising, Canada Goose sale and how much is the advertising industry looking to tech these days?

canada goose clearance sale Tech has transformed cheap canada goose uk advertising there Canada Goose online are so many more ways to target and reach people now than when the industry was dominated by TV, print, radio and event sponsorships.

There’s also so much more data being collected about our habits by an array of companies, from big tech platforms to agencies to the advertisers themselves. Huge portions of advertising dollars in the past few years have gone to the big tech giants that we read about all the time specifically Google and Facebook and, to a canada goose lesser extent, companies like Snap. Lately, advertisers have said they’re spending more money on Amazon. So there are still more major changes afoot.

As for how advertisers are looking at tech it can be a double edged canada goose black friday sale sword. The ability to follow consumers wherever they go online comes with the risk that brands could end up with their ads appearing on conspiracy and extremist sites or offensive YouTube videos. Platforms like Twitter have cheap Canada Goose made it easy for brands to talk to consumers, but it’s also opened them up to new criticism, demands and potential boycotts.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Advertisers are also grappling with how to measure their ads in this new world. That’s a challenge throughout the industry. Think of all the ways that people watch TV shows now. I recently watched or, more accurately, binged NBC’s «The Good Place.» canada goose clearance sale I canada goose store watched the first season on Netflix, where Canada Goose Jackets there were no ads, then saw the first canada goose coats on sale eight episodes of the buy canada goose jacket cheap second season through NBC’s Apple TV app, where there were lots of commercials. I watched uk canada goose the final few on Hulu, which might have had different ads. That type of behavior especially since I was using my parents’ cable login for the NBC app is a new kind of canada goose coats challenge for the people buying, selling and measuring ads.

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What do you think of Google’s and Facebook’s power in the online ad industry?

It’s an canada goose factory sale enormous topic within the advertising industry, which generally refers to Google and Facebook as the «duopoly.» It’s pretty remarkable that two of the world’s most valuable companies make virtually all of their money from selling online ads and dominate more than canada goose uk black friday half of the American digital ad market.

canada goose clearance Their size and influence make it essential for people to really understand how the companies’ business models work and the types of information they’re sharing with them every day and what makes them such powerful advertising machines.

canada goose store Obviously, advertisers are drawn to Facebook and Google properties because people are spending lots of time there. But they’re also fast and easy to use and rely heavily on automation. Lately, we canada goose uk shop seem to be getting a crash course in how the tools that advertisers love can be misused, whether it’s in the political realm or through fraudulent or discriminatory ads. I’m interested to see how humans factor into solving some of these issues for example, YouTube is canadian goose jacket implementing more human screening of videos to assuage advertisers’ fears about appearing on inappropriate content.

Canada Goose Jackets Outside work, what tech product do you love using?

Canada Goose Parka It’s a tie between two. I recently installed a Chrome extension called HabitLab to help keep me from wasting time when I’m online.

canadian goose jacket And I love the Bose wireless speaker that my boyfriend gave me for Diwali. I use it to listen to podcasts and talk on the phone while cooking or cleaning. I love that the speaker gets me away from my phone, which can charge in the meantime, and that I can use it throughout my apartment. It would be nice if it Canada Goose Online just did the cooking for me, though.

What’s your advice for those who want to Canada Goose Coats On Sale prevent their data from being tracked by advertisers?

canada goose coats on sale It’s hard to prevent, but you can take some steps to limit it. Explore the privacy settings on your smartphone, including which apps have access to your location and microphone and whether you allow ad tracking. Delete apps that you don’t use anymore.

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