I just thought, Okay, this is an opportunity to learn and see

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For her part, Nyoni works hard to subvert the audience’s expectations of where this story is going: When Shula seems to demonstrate surprising gifts, the girl ends up being taken in by Mr. Phiri), a government official from something called the Ministry of Tourism and Traditional Beliefs. Banda’s wife, as it turns out, is herself a former witch, and has been given or has simply taken on a surprising degree of autonomy.Or has she? One constant question that the film raises is what constitutes true power and genuine liberation.Darkly funny at times, but also leaving a bitter aftertaste, «I Am Not a Witch» refuses to make the answer to that question clear, in scenes that lurch from the studio of a TV talk show, where a female rapper performs, to a rural village, where older witches try on wigs inspired by the hairstyles of such American pop stars as Madonna, Beyonc and Rihanna.

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