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In case you didn’t know, the Quiksilver Pro New York world championship surfing event kicks off this weekend in Long Beach, New York. It’s the first time that a competition of this caliber is happening in New York State, and many years since one has been held on the East Coast, a testament of the growing popularity of the sport here.With many of the sport’s superstars congregated in the New York area this week, we took the opportunity to meet with Roxy‘s Pro Surf Team and talk to a few of the women about their style, surfing in bikinis, and NY beaches.Click through to find out what Kassia Meador, Kelia Moniz, and Monyca Byrne Wickey have to say, and check out Kassia’s wetsuit designs for Roxy!Photos courtesy of Roxy 0Thoughts?1 of 8Monyca Byrne Wickey, who’s been surfing since she was 4, is the newest addition to the Roxy roster. She’s represented her home state, Hawaii, at the Quiksilver World Junior Pro and competed in the NSSA finals. So you just joined the Pro Surf Team? Yes, it’s been about only a couple of weeks since I’ve been with them so it’s pretty exciting. ?Where are you from? I’m from Maui. Did you grow up wanting to surf? Yeah, totally. I grew up by the beach and all I did every day after school is get dropped off at the beach and go surf, go boogey board, go swim, whatever. So, I’ve always grown up there and that’s where I’ve always wanted to end up. Are you excited for the competition this weekend? Yes, I am excited! I’ve never been to the beach in New York. I’ve been to New York a few times but I’ve never been to the beach high quality hermes fake , so I’m just excited to see it first off. What do you normally wear when you surf? Well usually I’m surfing in warm water so I just do like a bikini bottom and a bikini top. What will you be wearing this weekend?This weekend I have a full suit. It’s got sleeves and legs and the whole thing. It’s actually Kassia’s design. It’s really cool, it’s black and grey and white [with] different kinds of cuts and stripes along it. It’s really cool.Kelia Moniz, who came 5th in the Womens World Longboard Championships last year , is from Hawaii’s South Shore. Do you go surfing near the New York area at all? I’ve never gone surfing in New York yet but I’m going this weekend!So how long have you been surfing? I started when I was about 8, and I’m 18 now, so that’s ten years.So how did you get involved with Roxy?  It was in a surf event in California, it was actually a Roxy contest, and one of the team managers there just saw me and they picked me up.  What’s your favorite Roxy piece right now? Right now…they’ve been making some incredible glasses. So, I love to accessorize with different glasses, and there are also really good beach cover-ups right now. I’m always at the beach and I always want something light to throw on, so their cover-ups are amazing. [Roxy’s] new crochet bikinis are my favorite, they come in just like a black and a white which is really basic but really elegant and I love it. Do you notice the fashion at competitions?Yeah, between [surfers in] bikinis and girls wanting to wear a little smaller bottom, or even like a bandeau top in the water and it’s staying on and actually working and not coming off in the waves…I’ve been using a lot of bandeau tops recently and people are like, it’s going to fall off! But really, it doesn’t. It’s functional…and it’s fun to know you look cuter in the water!Professional longboarder Kassia Meador joined the Pro Surf Team in 1997, made a surf movie called Fashion, and designs a line of wetsuits with Roxy Japan.  So you design wetsuits for Roxy?Yes! The second collection just launched, the first collection was out last year and we’re working on the third right now and it’s been going good so far. We’ve been selling through each time. One of the pieces was on the cover of Women’s Health, which is awesome! It’s been a really wonderful transition. I’ve been with the brand for a long time and it’s nice to fill a place in the market for something different…[something] more from a surfer’s standpoint. So coming from an athlete’s perspective, when you were designing, how did that affect your design process? Function, and how it works is the most important thing. So, it’s all about functionality, but also looking cool in the water. My main thing is comfort and function, and then from there I go towards what looks cool, what do I want to wear? […] I’m going for making women feel beautiful and empowered before they even get into the water and then they can bring that with them into the water and translate it into surfing the best that they possibly can. Do you ever see people wearing your designs? Yes…[but] I mean it’s pretty new. Last year being the first year we launched, it’s just really starting to catch on now and it’s wonderful to go down to the beach and see people wearing my wetsuits that I didn’t give to them, you know?I’m surfing and women and men will actually come up to me. Women come up and say things like “Wow thanks so much, I’m so stoked there’s something different out there in the market.” And obviously, with Cynthia [Rowley]’s and other suits, there are a lot of people really working on wetsuits right now, which is really wonderful, especially for women. And then even guys come up to me and are like, “Hey thanks for making cute suits, we’re excited to see the girls out here wearing something that doesn’t look like us.” It sets women apart and I think that everybody’s excited about the suits. What’s the one new trend in athletic wear that you’re really excited about right now? I think the most fun thing for me right now is the wetsuits because they’ve been so boring for so long throughout just the entire surf industry. Everybody just had black wetsuits, and they weren’t doing that much stuff with them. It’s an exciting time and I feel like in a lot of ways, what Roxy did with Lisa Anderson, and making a women’s specific board short …I feel like they’re really changing the way the entire industry looks at wetsuits just like they changed the entire way the industry looked at board shorts back in the past. So, it’s a new platform for them to just kind of retake women’s sports to another level, women’s surfing to another level…it’s pretty rad, it’s an exciting time.Kassia Meador in one of her designs for RoxyKassia Meador in one of her designs for RoxyKassia Meador in one of her designs for RoxyKassia Meador in one of her designs for RoxyNext slideshow starts in 10sFashion’s Night Out: 13Beauty Must-Sees of theNight



Wetsuits, Bikinis and Beaches: We Meet Roxy’s Pro Surf Team

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