At the quiet end of Woolacombe Bay

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This year marks the 200th anniversary year of Napoleon’s final campaign, and France is feting Le Petit Caporal with reenactments and commemorative events in every corner of the country. In March 1815, Napoleon made a glorious comeback when, having escaped from Elba, he marched through the Alps all the way to Paris, amassing an army of loyal supporters along the way. Three months later he was defeated at Waterloo, but the French aren’t worrying about that small detail.

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cheap replica handbags Watersmeet’s beachfront location, looking out onto the North Devon coastline and Lundy Island, is simply sublime. At the quiet end of Woolacombe Bay, the hotel has private steps that lead onto Combesgate Beach, a small, sandy cove that’s fantastic for body boarding and rock pooling, but rarely gets busy, even in the height of summer. The overall feel is fresh and airy, with white and grey walls, wood floors, driftwood lamps and Lloyd Loom chairs, but the views out to sea are so mesmerising that you may not high end replica bags even notice or care about the interiors. cheap replica handbags

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