As an aside, it is imperative that the initial contract

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On a neighboring shelf I turned flat bottles sideways to try to create enough of a footprint for the Intimate. In reorienting Ungaro Diva and Paloma Picasso Paloma Eau de Toilette (why did I need both the Paloma Eau de Toilette and the Eau de Parfum when I hadn’t worn either in ages?) I knocked over a bottle of Jean Patou Chalde, which thankfully hadn’t broken. That got me thinking of the wonderful Patou Ma Collection fragrances I’d squirreled away the shelf above.

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Fake Handbags My problem is that Lauretta will also be there, and I guess cowl comparisons would be inevitable. Lauretta cowl is in 100% wool boucl, which I just about used up, so Patty cowl will have to be in a different yarn, and I was planning to use the same red Caron Simply Soft that I using for the ruffled scarf. I could easily make the same Pelham Bay cowl in the Simply Soft, but I think that would make one seem better than the other (depending on whether you prefer wool or acrylic, I suppose). Fake Handbags

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