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canada goose GREGORY WARNER: Hey, NPR recommends Bullseye with Jesse Thorn. There was recently a really good episode where he talked with Ricky Jay, the magician and scholar. You can find Bullseye at iTunes or on Stitcher or however you get your podcasts. canada goose

canada goose coats When there’s something scary out there in the world, something you can’t control, you really have two choices, right? You can either kind of ignore it, say listen, this is not something I can do anything about and so I’m going to hope for the best. Or cheap canada goose uk you can face that scary thing head on. You can try to understand it and maybe, maybe by understanding it get a little bit of control over the world. canada goose coats

Canada Goose online WARNER: Robert, I have a story for you about a guy who tried that buy canada goose jacket second way of being. He tried to understand something very scary for him. And that scary thing is kidnapping for ransom. Now this guy’s name is Yaw, he lives in Nigeria where kidnapping is not an Canada Goose Outlet inappropriate fear. It Canada Goose Coats On Sale actually happens every buy canada goose jacket cheap day. Someone gets a bag put over their head in the street or canada goose factory sale their car hijacked. They’re whisked away to some hide out and their family canada goose outlet gets a call. They canadagooseoutlet4online want ransom money. Canada Goose online

SMITH: Sometimes a lot of money because kidnapping, at least some of it in Nigeria, is an actual business. There are people who do this as their job every day. They have employees hundreds of people, estimates may be thousands of people are involved in the kidnapping industry. And potentially a lot of money is canada goose clearance on the line.

canada goose black friday sale WARNER: And this this is where Yaw, the guy I met in Nigeria, felt that he had an edge because Yaw is in his day job a business consultant. His job is to walk into boardrooms, tell CEOs Canada Goose online how to be better business people in Africa. He analyzes industries in Africa. So uk canada goose he thought what if he could apply those same tools to canada goose black friday sale understanding the kidnapping industry canada goose coats on sale to protect his loved ones and outwit the kidnappers at their canada goose uk black friday own game? canada goose black friday sale

SMITH: Hello, and welcome to PLANET MONEY. I’m Robert Canada Goose sale Smith. And with us today is Gregory Warner, East Africa correspondent Canada Goose Online for NPR who has brought us this story.

WARNER: uk canada goose outlet It’s the story of one man’s journey into a criminal world, a journey taking not with guns in dark canada goose uk shop alleys, but with spreadsheets and data. It’s a story about what economic analysis can reveal about criminals and why a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Support for PLANET MONEY comes from HarperCollins, publisher of «The Opposite Of Spoiled» by New York Times columnist Ron Lieber, the new guidebook for parents to raise kids who are grounded, generous and smart about money. From the tooth fairy to allowance, chores to charity, part time jobs to college tuition, Lieber covers the basics and identifies ways to talk about money and the traits and virtues like patience, modesty and generosity that canada goose coats parents hope their children will carry with them into adulthood. «The Opposite Of Spoiled,» wherever books are sold. buy canada goose jacket cheap

WARNER: The story we’re going to tell you today is not a thriller. And no one gets kidnapped. There’s no shootout, there’s no ransom call and no rescue. But this story is at core a love story between Yaw and Emily.

Canada Goose Jackets EMILY: So I have you on speaker. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance sale WARNER: Yaw and Emily grew up 8,000 miles apart and by the way, we’re only using their first names at their request because they still live in Nigeria and we’re going to be talking a lot about what canada goose clearance sale they know about criminals. Emily grew up in a suburb of Orange County, California and canada goose uk outlet Yaw in a village in Ghana in West Africa, never having seen the inside of an airplane until the one that took him to Wesleyan where he’d gotten a Canada Goose Parka scholarship. By the way, he assumed that that airplane ride would be really bumpy with all the wind up there in the sky. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Parka YAW: But I was fascinated by how smooth it was and just it feels like it’s standing still. But anyway. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store WARNER: Anyway, after college they both got jobs with the same international business consulting firm. And on the first morning of the first day of an annual job training. canada goose store

EMILY: I think we got paired up somehow. And we had to do this exercise together for like a couple of hours. And then we had to present to the whole group.

canadian goose jacket YAW: Let me tell that part and then you continue it. All right, we didn’t get paired up. We they said, you know, find somebody and do this little exercise with where we had to like interpret something and come up with some sort of analysis and recommendations or something. And I immediately just was like before anybody gets to that table I’m there because I need to talk to that woman somehow ’cause who knows? There might not be another chance. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance WARNER: The way they tell the story of this encounter tells you a lot about their relationship. Emily believes in serendipity and fate. Yaw fell in love with how she could trash talk in a foosball game having never played foosball ever. But if she’s the optimist, than Yaw is more of an optimizer. He’ll analyze probabilities and make them work for him. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats on sale EMILY: Sometimes he says, do you want me to be your boyfriend or do you want me to be a consultant right now? And most of the time the answer is I want you to be my boyfriend. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose deals WARNER: Flash forward a few years, Yaw gets a post in Lagos, Nigeria, and the boyfriend part of him is telling her hey, Emily, come with me. But the consultant part of him is wrestling with this small but legitimate risk of her being a target. canada goose deals

YAW: This is one of the situations where, you know, being white is not particularly an advantage. The presumption is going to be, listen, there’s only one reason you are in this country. canada goose Either the Peace Corps is not in Nigeria so you’re not working for the Peace Corps. You are working for a multinational agency or you’re working for an oil company or you’re working for a fancy Nigerian bank or cheap Canada Goose big business. And so these things just get me scared about Emily.

WARNER: Emily does decide though to move to Nigeria and she loves it. She loves the life there, the pace of things. But Yaw is still worried. And though they do take precautions, he can’t help thinking what if the worst canadian goose jacket happens?

Canada Goose sale YAW: I mean, she’s here working. She’s here on her own accord, but obviously she’s here because I’m here. So I would feel so I do feel responsible in that way on an ongoing basis. Embassy and then some Canada Goose Jackets other random tips he’s kept from Hollywood movies. Canada Goose sale

YAW: What was the movie with the CIA guy whose daughter gets kidnapped?

buy canada goose jacket LIAM NEESON: (As Mills) I have to find her. buy canada goose jacket

WARNER: Yaw realized he needed a plan, and the one he came up with was one that maybe only a business consultant could conceive. He decided to give himself a crash course in kidnapping, much as he might bone up on the African mining industry or African telecom. And he began with interviews.

YAW: Let’s start with canada goose store who does the kidnapping. If you’re in jail, we go to the prisons. Let’s go to victims who have survived.

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